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This project made Polkadot Stingray's website into an app that is more accessible to international fans by focusing on language accessibility features such as language translation and currency conversion. In practice, this app would be able to translate many languages and currencies, but for the sake of this project, Japanese and English are used. I learned a lot about Figma and it's capabilities and limits. I also learned about what goes into making an accessible experience for users.


Throughout the 7 courses of the Google UX Design course, students are able to learn about the fundamentals of UX design and simultaniously create case studies for their portfolios.


For this case study, I aimed to make J-Rock band Polkadot Stingray's merch website into an app that is friendlier for international fans.


Google UX Design Professional Certificate Program


October 2023 - December 2023


UX Design, UX Research, App Design

Polkadot Stingray Merch App

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